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FOAHK | Appointment of Newly Launched Sub-Committee Chairs

FOAHK | Appointment of Newly Launched Sub-Committee Chairs

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April 3, 2023
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Appointment of Newly Launched Sub-Committee Chairs to Strengthen Family Office Ecosystem in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 3 April 2023 –
Family Office Association Hong Kong (“FOAHK” or “the Association”) is honoured to announce the appointment of Ms Teresa Lee, Mr Michel Lee and Mr Grant Ko to chair the newly launched Wealth Management Sub Committee, Crypto Sub Committee and Education & Research Sub Committee respectively.

The new Sub Committees are joined to existing Sub Committees including Training & Development, Legal and Wealth Planning. The Sub Committees will bolster the Association’s capabilities in promoting the themes that matter the most to family offices and to further enhance the family office ecosystem in Hong Kong.

Ms Teresa Lee is currently the Head of Greater China of Bank of Singapore’s Hong Kong Branch. With over 20 years of banking experience focusing on private wealth and family offices, Ms Lee specialises in providing bespoke and customised solutions for high-net-worth clients in Greater China. As chair of the Wealth Management Sub Committee, she will provide insight into the private wealth industry and foster dialogue between financial institutions and family offices, building a connected family office community to help wealthy families preserve their legacies across generations. She will also be responsible for developing capabilities in financial and professional services.

Mr Michel Lee is currently the Executive President of HashKey Group. Mr Lee has more than 25 years of international investment banking experience which he brings deep expertise in capital-raising, new product developments and M&A transactions to the digital asset management business. As Chair of Crypto Sub Committee, Mr Lee will provide insights and guidance for this rapidly evolving space to family offices with industry knowledge and trainings.

Mr Grant Ko is the Co-founder and Chairman of Wisdom Group Holdings. Mr Ko has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry at multinational private banks covering the Greater China region. He also has extensive experience in the asset management sector, advising wealthy families and individuals as well as corporates on wealth planning, portfolio management and investment markets. Mr Ko leads 50+ bankers and has extensive connections with private banks and investment banks. As Chair of Education & Research Sub Committee, Mr Ko is committed to nurturing young talents, and providing guidance and opportunities for young talents, next generation and new joiners to family office to gain insights into the growing family office industry.

We are pleased to welcome Ms Teresa Lee, Mr Michel Lee and Mr Grant Ko to join us together with the other three sub-committees within the Association. We look forward to seeing the positive influence to our members and the family office ecosystem brought by the newly launched sub-committees.


Ms Teresa Lee | Chair of Wealth Management Sub Committee

Mr Michel Lee | Chair of Crypto Sub Committee

Mr Grant Ko | Chair of Education & Research Sub Committee

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