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[ HKU Business School ] Introducing the Family Office Space to HKU Business School Students

[ HKU Business School ] Introducing the Family Office Space to HKU Business School Students

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March 14, 2023
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“Family Office” is becoming a hot topic for Hong Kong. Not just the HKSAR Government and the asset and wealth management industry are keen to promote Hong Kong as a “Family Office Hub”, we at the HKU Business School is closely following the trend and preparing our students to understand the industry dynamics.

Other than having our “Family Office” course FINA3336, which covers basic concept and value of family office in the bigger picture of asset and wealth management, the AMPB Programme also brings industry practitioners to meet with our students to help them to understand the trend as well as career opportunities in the family office space.

Two events were held for our HKU Business School students:

(1) In February 2023, Mr. Grant Ko, Co-founder and Chairman of Wisdom Asset Management Limited (a key multi-family office) and a Board of Director of Family Office Association Hong Kong (FOAHK) joined us at the FINA3336 lecture to share his 25+ years of experience in the family office and private banking industry. Mr. Ko highlighted the positioning of Hong Kong in attracting ultra-high-networth-individuals to set up their family offices here.

(2) In November 2022, Ms. Angel Chia, Chair of the FOAHK and the Chief Strategy Officer of Fountainhead Partners (another key multi-family office), joined the monthly AMPB “Meeting the Practitioner Series”. Ms. Chia shared with us her personal story of converting her 20 years+ experience in securities and asset management in major financial institutions to managing a multi-family office and servicing ultra-high-networth-individuals.

Our students learnt a lot from the industry experts who shared with us their insights about the growth of wealth in the region and Family Office development in Hong Kong.


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